Learn to flow gracefully on the court with precision and balance. Proven exercises and principles from Spain

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Chris Lewit is the best-selling author of the Secrets of Spanish Tennis and The Tennis Technique Bible. With help from Chris, you can be assured that you or your player's footwork and movement will improve--guaranteed.

Chris is a world-leading expert on footwork training and has players from all over the world visiting him in New York and Vermont to train their movement. The key is to not make footwork training too complicated.

Chris has a knack for distilling the important elements of movement and footwork and not cluttering your mind with irrelevant details.

Too many footwork methods are TOO COMPLICATED!

The course focuses on footwork and how to move gracefully and efficiently. You will learn offensive and defensive techniques and drills to improve your court coverage. Chris also focuses on developing positioning and balance the Spanish Way. Spain is a world leader in footwork and movement training and Chris shares insight from the Spanish methods.

This is a Transformational Course! Not solely an Informational Course.

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