Gina Switzer, Blue Chip Mom

"Chris Lewit coached my son Ty (Top 15 USTA and National Recruiting Class) for two years when he was 9 and 10 years old and as a consultant since. Chris’s gift for teaching the technical side of the game, especially the serve, is impressive to say the least. His ability to get a complex point across in a simple way proved effective over and over again. Chris has a teaching style that is powerful, direct and produces results. He is able to identify problems with your game and find unique, individualized solutions that work. Chris stays current with the latest style of play around the world and is an accomplished player himself. What comes through with Chris, is his true love for the game and passion for coaching.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris as a coach to any aspiring player looking to take their game to the next level! He has remained a friend to my son and our family for years and I have no doubt, many more years to come."

Akhnaton (Paco) Aguilar, PTR and ITF certified professional

"I would like to let PTR know my attendance in your workshops. I´m glad to participate in your workshops, because you always have something new to teach. We can interact on court and off court actively. Also, with the participation of parents and players, makes the workshop more enriching, real and complete."

Dave Dunyon, parent of Jacque and Jane Dunyon

"Chris Lewit is a phenomenal tennis coach and mentor. We researched out the best coach to help guide us through the Spanish Way of tennis. After reading Chris’s book, we knew we’d found the right resource. Our girls had the pleasure of attending his tennis camp in Vermont. The group setting, instruction and facility were just what we were looking for. The girls worked so well with Chris that we flew him out to train with our girls in our hometown. He’s very interested in our girls success and helps guide us through tournament selection and training plans. I’d highly recommend you working with him."

John Yandell, Publisher, / Author, Visual Tennis

"Chris Lewit is a passionate coach and has influenced hundreds of aspiring elite juniors. But beyond that he has a passion and capacity for analysis that is at the highest levels in the game.

I have enjoyed working with Chris and have learned from the articles we have done together on"

Eric Mautner

"My son (Kyle Mautner Top 10 Nationally) started working with Chris Lewit as he was turning 9 years old. It has been a good 5 plus years with Chris. Chris was instrumental in teaching him proper tennis technique and to become a player. Chris Lewit’s workout is very physical and prepares the player properly for the rigors required to properly play a point. I would recommend Chris Lewit to any parent who feels their child is interested in learning proper tennis technique and has the ambition to be an elite tournament level player. They will be well balanced and prepared."

Parent (Summer Camp)

"Chris' attention to detail and patience creates a unique learning environment that allowed our daughter to improve and develop at an extraordinary pace. As a result of Chris' coaching, in less than two weeks she transformed her serve and strengthened all aspects of her game. The intimate, family oriented environment in Vermont that focused on training on and off the court also created a fun but demanding experience that helped build confidence in our daughter and has allowed her to compete at a national level. She can't wait to go back this summer to continue to work on her game!"

Wick Chambers

"From my perspective as a parent, Chris’ coaching was a transformational experience for Tim. The training was about more than tennis. Chris taught lessons that were and remain valuable off the court as well as on it.

With two years of hard work, Tim improved enough to be recruited by a Division III college. In the context of the world of professional competitive tennis, this is not a story of any interest. But the fact is that Tim improved a great deal – on and off the court. It was an amazing, challenging, valuable journey."

Michael Zaretsky

"Our two children work with Chris. They have both have benefited tremendously from Chris’s summer camp over the past 2 summers, and by occasionally visiting him in NY during the off-season. Chris provides a truly unique opportunity for talented and ambitious players. We have also experienced the well-known Florida academies and they simply do not compare. We feel so fortunate to have Chris’s camp located in New England. This is primarily because Chris takes personal ownership of each student and their progress. He follows them through their camp experience to make sure they are improving and using the best techniques. Campers and their parents leave with a clear understanding of what to work on and how to do it. Chris is also very unique in the way that he respects parents and accepts that they are an important part of their children’s tennis development, whether or not they are accomplished tennis players. Parents can speak freely when in the company of Chris, and I find this very refreshing. Importantly, Chris will not hold your children back. He will move them forward into the “real game of tennis”. He does not force young players to play red ball or use any colors. He has ways to adapt his coaching so that competitive minded players of all ages can play with yellow balls. Chris is well recognized for his outstanding coaching on serving and many families travel to him with this in mind. He hires outstanding coaches to assist with the summer camp and goes all out to provide top notch, highly rigorous fitness coaching as well. I highly recommend Chris Lewit as a coach, as well as his summer camp for all serious players that want to excel, improve their standings and achieve national rankings."

Joe Shteyn

"To all parents looking to train their kids in Tennis, The Chris Lewit Academy is the best I have seen so far in Metro New York as well the TriState area. I have a daughter (Hannah Shteyn) who has been training with Chris for the last two years and he has develop her to become a highly ranked junior in the Eastern Section as well as National both the 14 and 16 age groups. Chris is a highly trained , accredited and consummate professional coach. His teaching knowledge is superb using a hybrid of European(Spanish) and North American philosophies."

Harry Lander, PhD

"Chris Lewit has the extremely rare attributes of understanding tennis technique at a very deep level and the ability to explain it very clearly. That, coupled with his on-site study of the latest coaching techniques and thoughts from France, Spain and Israel, has led to a high-level training experience that is unparalleled. Watching the training sessions, one can immediately see that Chris and his students take tennis seriously. When I first approached Chris about training, he was skeptical. He believed most adults won't put in the hard work on and off the court that is necessary to see the gains he expects. But I convinced him to give me a chance and my game has been remade. I quickly became nationally ranked in the M35 category of the USTA. However, more important, I have begun to enjoy tennis at a completely different level. By understanding technique, I can see holes in my opponents' technique and thus anticipate their weaknesses. By improving my technique, I can hit shots that I couldn't before and the court has become much wider and the game much more geometrical. Simply put, I am playing at a level I only dreamed of."

Val Yaloz

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Chris Lewit Tennis Academy and Chris as a private coach. Chris has been coaching my daughter Shelly since she was 10 years old and did not know much about tennis.

Under Chris's keen eye, immense knowledge of technical aspects of tennis, his disciplined approach to training, patience with junior students--Shelly achieved a top 10 ranking in the Eastern section for Girls 10s and under. Now, she has progressed to be a top 5 Eastern and top 30 national tennis player in the Girls 12s age group.

Throughout our time together, Chris has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and care, and would be an asset to any aspiring tournament player."

Gordon Paul, Certified by both the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) and the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association)

"Chris Lewit ripped another winner with his two-day workshop on building prodigies. Chris covered all the bases including a strong foundation on footwork needed to develop young players into the next Net Generation. But, unlike other workshops, Chris expects participants to become fully engaged in the process. If you are looking for lots of coffee breaks his workshops aren’t for you."

Owen Kassimir, Women's tennis coach, New York Institute of Technology

"Chris is an excellent instructor. I would recommend this workshop for any teaching pro or college coach that wants to add Chris's techniques to their programs. As a college coach and not a teaching pro I learned how I could make corrections to my college players strokes that would enable them to play better. Chris's techniques added value to my college program. Thank you to Chris."

Jason Kubica, 4.5 tournament player, New York

"Chris’s teachers workshop hit on all the major components of the modern tennis game (with thorough attention to the often neglected area of footwork). He provided an excellent template for developing a students skills through proper hand feeding, simulated and fully live play, and knowing when and how to make adjustments."

Amy B. Brown, tennis mother

"After playing at our local club for years, one of Chris’ past students suggested we contact to take my sons’ tennis to the next level. Harrison (12) and Rhys (10) have been training with Chris for 2.5 years. The improvement in their technique is astounding. In addition, both boys have developed a very special relationship with Chris. They trust him completely, and Chris works hard to help them improve all aspects of their game—mental and physical. Chris is the best junior coach we have encountered and I would highly recommend him to anyone with a child that loves to play tennis."

Beth and Josh, tennis parents

"Our son Adam has been training with Chris for several years. We have found Chris to be an excellent coach who is clear, motivating, and inspirational. He has been instrumental to Adam’s success as a player. "